Automatic sliding doors

The basic specifications of our Igloodoors IDS-A automatic sliding doors align with those of our standard IDS models of the same door panel thickness. However, these are enhanced with EN 13241:2003 compliant industrial movement technology, along with automatic opening and closing mechanisms. For motorized door operation, we offer a variety of control options: push button, pull switch, remote control, induction loop, and even radar-based systems. The control box is IP65 protected, and it also supports PLC connectivity.


Featuring a 60 mm thick panel, this automatic sliding door is recommended for environments ranging from +12 to +18°C. It’s ideal for logistics, food processing, and various industrial settings.


With an 80 mm thick panel, this automatic sliding door perfectly suits 0 to +10°C environments. Ideal for cold storage, food processing, culinary requirements, and related industrial uses.


Equipped with a 100 mm thick panel, this automatic, heated sliding door is designed for negative temperature ranges between -18 and -22°C. It’s ideal for freezers, blast freezers, and deep freeze storage, meeting widespread food processing and industry standards.


This automatic heated sliding door, with a robust 150 mm thick panel, is intended for extreme cold environments of -25 to -40°C. Optimal for shock freezers, high-performance cooling applications, blast freezers, and deep freeze storage in freezing conditions, it fulfils common processing and food industry requirements.

Features of the Igloodoors IDS-A Automatic Sliding Doors

  • Opening and closing speed of 0.27 m/s, with adjustable end position and deceleration function
  • Torque control that can be varied depending on the door panel’s weight
  • Adjustable holding time between 1 and 99 seconds
  • Suitable for door panels weighing up to 300 kg
  • Various motor powers for standard size (0.37Kw) and oversized (0.55Kw) doors
  • Industrial movement technology, compliant with EN 13241:2003
  • Safety features including edge protection, photoelectric cell, and torque control
  • Automatic learning function
  • Opening options: push button, pull switch, remote control, induction loop, radar
  • PLC connectivity option for the control box
  • Optional emergency operation with a battery
  • Control box IP protection: IP65


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