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Install IglooDoors® cold room doors in 6 simple steps – Video Tutorial

Friday August 23rd, 2019 10:07 AM Cooling technology

Installing walk-in cooler doors only requires some basic know how in the industry and can be done in 6 simple steps. We value our customers and want to make the installation process as easy as it can be, therefore, we have created a video tutorial where our expert explains all steps involved. During the design phase, we always keep in mind how to make the installation fast and easy. This is why we deliver IglooDoors® cold room doors already equipped with the lock system, hinges and already positioned in the packaging. Generally speaking, most cold room doors can be installed following the same process. The specificities can only be the result of differing product features. We hope that this guide will be of your help regardless of what brand you end up choosing. Follow these 6 simple steps to make sure your cold room door is installed the right way.

  1. Make sure the door is level

Even before purchasing the product and planning the layout of the walk-in cooler door, make sure the walls of the building, especially where you are planning on having a door, are level. This problem may arise in case of older or poorly manufactured buildings and may be invisible to the naked eye.

  1. Position and create the cutout of the door

After checking the measurements of the doorcase, specify the measurement of the cutout you need in the wall. Make sure the marking is level before cutting.

  1. Create drill holes on the door

You need to create drill holes on the outer surface of the doorcase that will help securing it to the wall. Take measurements from both sides to make sure the holes will be distributed evenly. Usually we create 5 holes on the vertical side and 3 holes on the upper horizontal bridge. The holes on the vertical side should be 5 mm deep, while on the horizontal part they should be at least 13 mm deep so that you can put plugs in them later. We deliver IglooDoors® cold room doors with the lock system and hinges already attached to the door, so that is all you will actually have to work on the case.

  1. Make sure the cutout is the right size

Before proceeding with attaching the case to the wall, doublecheck that the cutout fits the size of the case. Should the cutout be too small, you can still adjust its size. Should it be too large, it is impossible to fix. Once the size has been confirmed, you have a green light.

  1. Seal and secure the doorcase to the wall

When securing the case to the wall, the first step is to create an airtight gasket between the case and the wall with sealing. You can use any kind of noble polymer or another kind of adhesive for this. We always start with side where the door will be hinged and make sure it is level before attaching any other sides to the wall. Once all sides are level, you can secure with screws.

  1. Hang the door panel

IglooDoors® cold room doors are delivered already positioned so you only need to find the drill holes to secure the door panel to the case. Make sure to check if the original position is right and if the door closes properly. Should you experience any issues, you can simply adjust the 3D hinges. Lastly place the covers on the hinges and remove the protective foil from the door. Check if the sealing on the bottom is tight enough and the surfaces do not touch.

Watch our step by step tutorial video, so you can observe the small details:

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