IglooDoors® Cold Room Doors

Thanks to our highly standardized design, IglooDoors® cold room doors comply with global requirements, making worldwide distribution possible. Our advanced logistics system and flexibility in manufacturing enable customers from all over the world to receive the item 2-4 weeks after placing an order.

Reseller program from the manufacturer

We have developed a reseller program, which enables dealerships from all over the world to market our products. Our reseller partners get a whole package of marketing materials and market insight that we have collected over the years to assure a successful entry to the market.

What will you get?

Own branded website

Share global and your own content on your branded website to suit your market’s need.

Marketing materials

We provide a wide range of calalogs and leaflets for your use.

Branded Email System

Your own branded e-mail facilitates communication with your partners.

Sales flow

Reach potential customers is easy with our proven sales flow.

Are you interested?

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Do not hesitate to contact our management if you have any further questions regarding the reseller partnership.

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If you have reached a decision, we will facilitate the conracting process, as well.

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Our extensive experience and market insight is at your disposal to support your new business initiative.

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