Market segments



Cold room door designed specifically for lightweight, automotive and electronics industries

In industrial environments, doors are exposed to intensive usage. They must withstand the continuous use of logistics vehicles and perform perfectly even at very frequent opening cycles. Our industrial doors are strengthened so that they do not break from a minor collusion. Any cleaning material can be used on the homogeneous surface. For special applications, our doors can be ordered with stainless steel coating.

Cold rooms provide a good environment for a wide range of industrial applications, including storage, production, testing, or various processes.

Testing processes of the largest automotive manufacturers that examine how different materials behave under extreme temperatures would nowadays be unimaginable without cold room technology. For example, storage of Prepreg fabrics used in the carbon fiber body of Formula 1 cars also requires continuous cooling.



Cold storage and freezer rooms for kitchens and catering

When it comes to storing food, freshness and exceptional quality are the two most important factors. However, different ingredients require different temperatures, therefore, kitchens and restaurants must be equipped with both a regular cold room and freezer room. The cold room of a large-scale kitchen must perform perfectly even at hot summer temperatures. We designed our cold room doors for restaurants and kitchens to meet all these needs. We maximized space utilizations so that they adapt perfectly to any crowded kitchen.

Our cold room doors comply to the strictest food safety standards. During the design process, we paid full attention to the compliance with hygiene standards. For this reason, IglooDoors® cold room doors are used successfully at several high-end restaurants.


General contractors

Detailed mechanical consultation and quick installation of large-scale projects

Cooperating closely with general contractors, we guarantee finding the perfect mechanical solution and we are willing to undertake long technical consultations. Our extensive experience and flexibility assures a successful collaboration with mechanical executives of general contractors. We are ready to undertake large projects with short deadlines. Our project management team is always at disposal, should the need for managerial assistance during the project arise. We have several excellent references from general contractors.