Manufacturing and installation of standardized and custom doors

Besides sales, we carry out complete customized installations. Our wide, standardized product range offers cold room door solutions for many purposes, complying with various standards but. Beside standard solutions, we manufacture customized cold room doors to fit specific needs. Our delivery times are exceptionally fast, your IglooDoors cold room door is at your disposal 2-4 weeks after the order takes place.

Assessment and consultation

Expert design tailored to your cold room

During the assessment, our experts analyze the site layout and features of the cold room. We make several design proposals, considering the size of the door, the vehicles used and the temperature in the cold room. You can choose from several design options that fit your cold room perfectly or simply collect ideas from them.


Fast, personal visit and immediate product or component order

Should quick help be needed, our well-trained sales force is available personally. They provide adequate support, given their extensive product knowledge and experience. They can place product or component orders immediately so that your components are delivered within a very short timeframe.

Setup tutorial

We ship our products with user-friendly preparation

We deliver our IglooDoors cold room doors mounted to the case, with both the locks and hinges attached, which makes the installation much quicker. Our IglooDoors cold room doors can be installed in under an hour. With use a shrink wrap to prevent any possible damages during the delivery process. Watch our informative video to see how to install our cold room doors: