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Everything you need to know about IglooDoors® cold room doors

Wednesday August 14th, 2019 12:24 PM Cooling technology

Cold room doors are perfectly sealed and highly insulated doors for industrial and commercial refrigerators and cold rooms. We have designed every detail of IglooDoors® walk-in cooler doors to fit this particular use case flawlessly. Relying on our extensive know-how in the industry, we have carefully designed our new line of IDH and IDS doors.

We have channeled our several decades of experience in installation and the feedback of our lead customers into a great product. IglooDoors® walk-in freezer doors have been present in the logistics, manufacturing, commercial and hospitality industry for 7 years now for both standard and deep-freezing applications.

Our IglooDoors® product line is made up of high quality sliding and hinged doors designed for everyday, intensive use. Our doors are perfectly suited to the requirements of any industry, whether it is a customizable coating, automatic motor operation or a meat track. Discover the highlights of our product line in the video below:

Premium insulation and sealing

What makes IglooDoors® cold room doors really excel is their superior thermal insulation and sealing, which result in continuous energy savings and steady temperatures in the rooms.

Aesthetic and, at the same time, massive doors panels

Our designer team managed to find the perfect mix of soft, rounded lines and rugged, durable construction. IglooDoors® cold room doors fit into the interior harmony of any modern kitchen or laboratory, while being sufficiently resistant to high stress.

Heavy duty hinges

The newly developed IglooDoors® IDH hinged doors feature heavy duty hinges that give a lift to the door panels, as well. The adjustment is very simple as each corner strap can be set in three different directions. A great benefit of IglooDoors® IDS’s advanced sliding system is the easy opening. You can move the door just by using one finger after you have already started the opening process.

Exceptional security

At IglooDoors®, we stress the importance of safety throughout the whole development process. Therefore, our locking system complies with the requirements of EN 179: 2008 for emergency exits, while the internal opening got a fluorescent coating to aid recognition in an emergency. Even our sliding doors feature a safety lock that can be opened from the inside to avoid any lock-ins.

Self-designed door case

We use a PVC door case designed by IglooDoors® that is completely unique on the market. In addition to being fully thermal bridge-free, there is space for heating cables, allowing the whole structure to be heated. The control and exchange of heating cables can be done any time in a matter of minutes! Thanks to the careful design, the individual components of the case can be replaced quickly and easily by spare parts. Hence, in case of damage, there is no need to rebuild the whole structure, as opposed to the originally used foam insulation system.

Our IglooDoors® cooling doors are delivered frame-mounted to facilitate and speed up the installation process. Both the locking system and the hinges arrive with the door. It takes about an hour to complete the installation, as shown in this Youtube video:

Optimized heating cable system

We have come a long way in finding the best-performing silicone-coated heating cables for IglooDoors® cold room doors. The cables are in direct contact with the aluminum profile elements of the doors, thus optimally distributing the heat generated while preventing unwanted freezes od damping.

Easily customizable

As the manufacturer of IglooDoors® cold room doors, we offer several features to make our customers’ lives easier. The new intelligent cold room doors open at the touch of a button or with a remote control and close automatically after passing through. Our glazed doors make life easier for those who work inside the cold room. Stainless steel surfaces guarantee perfect hygiene and easy-to-clean design. We offer professional solutions for the meat industry, including meat railing and custom-sized doors and windows. Choose the features that make your life easier and your processes more efficient.

Various levels of thickness in door leaves

We offer different door leaf thicknesses for different room temperatures and applications. IglooDoors® cold room doors vary from 60 mm to 150 mm in thickness. Whether it’s an air-conditioned cold room or a freezer, choosing the right door design can save you a great deal of energy compared to traditional doors.

Custom sizes

IglooDoors® cold room doors do not have standard sizes but are always customized to fit the individual needs of our customers. All our doors are hand-crafted and are identifiable by an individual ID number. This way, we can track doors manufactured many years ago.

Excellent spare parts supply

IglooDoors® carries a wide range of spare parts for a long period of time, so that we can provide replacement for all our customers flexibly.

Quality control

All doors are subject to a rigorous in-process and finished product quality control, ensuring that our customers always receive the highest-quality product.

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