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The IglooDoors® door designs have been revamped

Tuesday January 2nd, 2024 11:34 AM Coldroom doors

We are thrilled to announce that we have completely revamped the design of our IglooDoors® cold room doors. During this update, we paid special attention to ensuring that our doors are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

The robust, strong aluminum profiles of the door panels now feature a new, modern, and sleek design that not only enhances the decorative appeal and attractiveness of our doors but also simplifies and accelerates the installation process.


Stronger structure, enhanced durability

The new geometry, which provides a stronger structure, was a critical aspect of the design process as it enhances the durability of our doors and preserves their quality over the long term. Alongside the design update, we have also introduced technological advancements; our doors are now equipped with locks that comply with the EN179 standard for escape routes. This ensures that our products meet the highest aesthetic and safety standards.

Our 2024 product catalog will soon be released, showcasing the features of our new doors in detail.

We take pride in the fact that the design of our doors is protected by international design patent rights, assuring our customers that they are receiving a unique and original product from us.

We would like to remind everyone that copying our products is strictly prohibited and can result in legal consequences.

We look forward to our customers getting to know and appreciate our new doors, which serve both safety and style. IglooDoors® is committed to delivering innovative solutions that contribute to the advancement of architectural design and meet high user demands to the fullest.

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