Audi Hungária Zrt.

Proudly presenting: Extreme Climate Chamber for Audi Hungary
2018 | Hungary, Győr

We are continuously expanding our portfolio of high-profile projects. It’s like a collection of artwork: new items keep being added and there is always a unique piece that draws most attention. For us, this special item is the new climate chamber – equipped with an Igloodoors cold room door – we built for AUDI Hungary.

Prior to the project, we conducted long and detailed discussions about what parameters the chamber should comply with and specified what products could be tested in this special laboratory. The bar was set high, but we delivered to the best of our knowledge and polished this gem into the most precious jewel of our collection.

The official order was followed by a 6-months long phase of testing and manufacturing. According to AUDI’s requirements, the chamber had to be able to generate extreme temperatures so that testing could be performed within the factory. This allows a huge jump in efficiency as the items don’t need to leave the site for testing. Both polar and Sahara conditions can be generated in the chamber. Moreover, the transition between the two ends of the scale can be done very quickly. In other words, the chamber can cool off or be heated up in a very short time. Testing under extreme conditions is crucial, given that this is the only way to guarantee that each component performs perfectly, should it be anywhere in the world.

Humidity can be controlled when changing the temperature thanks to the integrated humidification and drying systems. Using this technology, it is possible to virtually move from the tropics to the North Pole in no time. Except for rain and snow, we can simulate any kind of climate phenomenon in the chamber. Before the climate chamber in Győr was put into work, AUDI used to perform extreme climate tests in Ingolstadt. However, the factory in Győr is now upgraded with an ultramodern testing lab, so all parts can be examined on site right after the testing is done. This way, the development process became much faster.

It is no coincidence that the lab is fully booked with pre-programmed cycled on all 300 testing days of the year. Among others, there is a program that cools the car or components from +80 °C with 80% humidity down to -40°C in only 12 hours.

Photos: AUDI Hungária Zrt.

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