Nagisz co. Ltd. – Derecske Hatchery

Manufacturing and installation of IglooDoors® sliding doors to a processing plant
2018 | Hungary, Derecske

IglooDoors® IDS60 industrial sliding doors have been implemented to the new hatchery in Derecske, both manufactured and installed by our company.

During the first phase of the project, a new plant of 3 200 square meters was built with 14 pre-loading machines with a capacity of 115 200 eggs, and fourteen more egg-laying tailings with a capacity of either 38 400 or 19 200 eggs. In addition to the hatchery, a modern egg sorting, vaccinating, storage and refrigeration equipment has been installed using the latest technology, which enables to produce products of the highest quality.

Our company was pleased to carry out the project, as we got to contribute to the improvement of the food industry. In addition to our self-constructed sliding doors, we installed more than 60 pieces of doors manufactured by Cool It, a very reliable German manufacturer.

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