LEGO Manufacturing Kft

Supplying cold room doors for LEGO Hungary
2013 | Hungary, Nyíregyháza

Our parent company implemented several cold rooms for the kitchen at the LEGO plant in Nyíregyháza in 2013, which we supplied with IglooDoors® cold room doors. We built up the rooms and cold room doors with great precision to meet the customer’s strict requirements.

Main products of the new Hungarian LEGO plant are DUPLO elements. Beside manufacturing building blocks for the smallest, the firm also manufactures classic LEGO products. In the new visitor center, visitors can learn how LEGO is made, making this plant the new attraction of Nyíregyháza.

Several cold rooms are used for specified cooling, ensuring that each product is stored appropriately. Our parent company installed standard cold and freezer rooms. Delivery was successful – the customer was highly satisfied with the installed IglooDoors® cold room doors.

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