Korona Mushroom Industry Association

Supplying IglooDoors cold room doors to the Korona Mushroom Industry Association
2020 | Hungary, Demjén

The Korona Mushroom Industry Association was formed by the collaboration of family-owned businesses with the goal of preserving traditions within the mushroom industry and leveraging on modern technologies at the same time. They are one of the leading mushroom industry groupings today in Central Europe. The association covers every aspect of mushroom growing, from mushroom propagation to the production of mushroom compost as well as processing, canning mushrooms.

We have supplied several IglooDoors IDS80 sliding doors to their latest mushroom processing unit, which complies fully with food industry requirements. In 2019, we manufactured more than 1000 cold room doors, out of which several hundred were sliding doors. IglooDoors sliding doors have proven to be very popular with industrial users due to their easy-to-operate and easy-to-install design.

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