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New cold room door showroom at Igloodoors HQ

Tuesday January 10th, 2017 01:00 PM Corporate news

The continuous growing brings several new occasions in a company’s life. Our company got bigger so it got necessary to acquire a bigger and more modern unit what makes possible more innovations.

The property at Hungary, Gyöngyös, Kenyérgyár street 9. has 1400 m2 producing place what is served by 200 m2 social chambers and 200 m2 modern office. More than a hundred m2 place is available to storage at present.

For the future innovations there is about a half hectare usable place we have. We hope that by the enhance of the export and product innovation and by the broaden of producing act in the future we can totally, optimally use all the places of the new unit.

In our showroom you can take a look at our cold storage door lineup.

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